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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

During the day, the Main Hall wasn't ideal for slide shows. As a slide 
presenter, I was disappointed at how badly my slides "washed out" due to the 
amount of light leaking in through the window blinds. The small building at 
Camp Ocala was more ideal for slide shows, although it fit less people.

It was infurating to have paid for dinner on Friday and have driven up after 
work to discover that unlike what the Footprint said, dinner was served 
between 5 and 6 instead of 6 and 7. An announcement could have been made on 
this list, at the very least, to send out an alert of the time change. And 
yes, the breakfast was pretty scant for the price.  I realize, however, you 
folks pretty much have no control over the quantity/quality/price of food.

I agree with Betsy's comments about the noise, particularly during Eb and 
Jan's presentations. I'd hope our members could have enough courtesy to take 
those side conversations out of earshot of the rest of us.

As for the auction/raffle -- it's always a BIG thing, and lots of fun. More 
time should be intentionally scheduled to cover it, rather than always 
bumping the entertainment to the wee hours...

The presentations were great, and given Jon Phipps is taking off on a thru 
hike in a couple of weeks, I think he did a great job in lining up folks.

Cheers, Sandy