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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

Thanks for asking.
Overall it was very enjoyable and just what the dr ordered.  The programs were
valuable and interesting topics.  The speakers were also very pertinent and of
equal importance to the level of the state conference.  The food was great,
location great.

I liked the flea market idea!  Got some bargains.  I didn't get the word ahead of
time, though, so I didn't bring any of my items I could have sold.

Constructive comments:
1. I suggest you have a sargent of arms (is often an elected position in clubs) to
help move the meeting along and to keep the quiet in the crowd.  They usually have
to be someone large, w/a carrying voice, and someone who can joke around but still
be serious when needed.
This is the second conference I've been to where people were rude and spoke loudly
during the music presentation.  The louder the music got, the louder the people
talked (so they could hear each other over the music).  Also, it was a loss and
embaressment to FTA that people made noise and interrupted the absolutely
priceless poems by Eb E. - He had set a mood, and he's such a legend, then to have
people scraping chairs across the floor and talking during his prose was the
height of bourgois ignorance and disrespect. (can you tell I have an opinion on
this one? - I felt bad for the presenters, plus my enjoyment was unnecessarily
mucked up).

2. I suggest that we don't allow children in the meetings.  Perhaps they can
attend the conference and participate in childrens' events and family times, but I
found them distracting during the presentations.  Some poor child was sitting next
to me for four hours straight, and I can't believe his grandparents would expect
him to sit still or be quiet that long (he wasn't, but I don't blame him).  The
presentations aren't interesting to children, and so let's do us all a favor and
save the child from mass boredom and ourselves from wailing children.

3. Raffle - very fun and interactive, but due to the large # of donations (not
complaining), it took too long to go through them, so we were late w/our
speakers.  I guess I'd just suggest that the MC's of the raffle try to judge the
amount of items and the time slot, and try to expedite each item.  I'd hate to
have them miss out on the witty banter, though, like in giving away the odor trap
(what's an odor trap, anyway?).  But there's probably a way to speed that up
without losing the fun in it.  A positive was alternating between the raffle and
the auction - that was a good balance.

Thanks again for asking, and I hope this is helpful.  My thanks to all the
organizers, since I know it takes a lot to get all the pieces to fit together for
such a large crowd (and months in advance, too).

Betsy Barnicle
Central Florida Chapter

Hale, Pamela wrote:

> To those who attended the FTA annual conference, I'd like to get your comments
> on it - what you liked or did not like; things we could add, remove, change;
> things we do well, things we could to better.  Stuff like that.
> Fire away!
> ~Pam
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