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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

In a message dated 3/20/2001 5:44:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
phale@harris.com writes:

> To those who attended the FTA annual conference, I'd like to get your 
> comments
>  on it

Here goes:

1)  Joan Hobson's hat - The excitement of watching two guys bid up Joan's hat 
to $115 at the auction had me wondering about hiker babe sex appeal!  Wow!  
What items of apparel will Joan be auctioning off next year?  :)

2)  Other hiker babe commentary - I was shocked and dismayed to see with my 
very own eyes at lunch on Saturday that Linda "Earthworm" Patton -- a major 
hiker babe in her own right (who once rebuffed a marriage proposal, but I'm 
not bitter) -- that said hiker babe took her sandwich and cut it -- now get 
this -- DIAGONALLY!  This is a major offense for a hiker babe for which a 
satisfactory explanation has yet to be offered.  :)

That's all for now!

Happy trails,

Rich Evans  aka Solar Bear