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[ft-l] Hiking Tip

Great idea, will have to check those out!

BTW, I got an email off-list about the stand-up bags and guess I didn't
explain fully.  I don't use them as a substitute for water bottles or
hydration system.  Just to collect water from shallow or slow-dripping water
sources and/or carry it a short distance back to campsite.  They are good to
pump water from, but I won't trust them to carry water a long distance.
Certainly wouldn't put one full into my pack.


> Glad just came out with a 2.5 gallon zip-lock bag.  Not the stand-up type,
> it'll hold  great for segregating the wet clothes from the dry ones.
> Dry clothes on a Florida hike.  Now there's a novel thought...
> P
> Following my own advice ;-) would just like to mention the success of the
> stand-up zip-style bags.  These are just great to throw a couple into your
> water filter bag and use for when the water sources are shallow or poorly
> flowing.  Lots cheaper and lighter than some of commercial water carriers.