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[ft-l] wakulla area:

> I may not have the names of the trails 
>down but I have a bunch of topo maps for the county (Wakulla).  I'm a mile 
>from the national forest.

wakulla area:  i have been involved with ft for years.  recently i was 
fortunate enough to have the time to work with 'the crew' for a couple of 
months.  i walked miles & miles of florida trail i'd never seen.  we worked 
from st. francis trail, in se ocala national forest to eglin afb near 
pensacola. we built two new foot bridges across feeder creeks along the 
sopchoppy in the waculla area.  the stretch of ft along the sopchoppy is as 
pretty as any trail in florida.  till then, i thought the suwannee could 
champion all.
sandy hubbard-trouba