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[ft-l] No Further Recipes Will Be Posted

Linda and others,

As a monitor of this list, I don't see anything wrong with posting something
which is trail related.  This includes food, equipment, trail talk,
environmental issues, etc.  All is welcome at the FT-L campfire.
Personally, I hope to see more of these recipes!  My home cooking isn't even
half as good.

Jeff Walters

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Subject: [ft-l] No Further Recipes Will Be Posted

> BlankTo All Readers:
> I'm sorry if my posting of recipes has offended any readers for any &
whatever reason(s).
> I wanted to share & contribute in this way. To hopefully, stimulate &
encourage an onward & productive collection of trail foods that are doable,
nutritious, tasty, palatable, variety of tastes & textures, for the meat
eaters & the vegetarians (Of all types: lacto-ovo to the vegan).
> To hopefully, have you, the reader, say "Hell, it can be done & what if I
do this or do that with this...or maybe I can convert this recipe that I
love @ home, & take it with me on the trail."
> Plus, @ the same time I was looking for others who had similar interests
to share in my love for backpacking & the outdoors.
> I'm not leaving the lists, just not posting. I hope to pick-up a tidbit or
2. Thank you!, to the readers who have shared with me. I do appreciate it &
your feedback.
> Most Sincerely,
> Linda
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