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[ft-l] The Big 360: Green Swamp West (Part 1)

SWFWMD has been contacted to suggest that the letter they send out clearly
indicate which gates have recreational locks. But I still have to agree with
their purpose of limiting the number of gates users can open. The
recreational locks are on several gates giving access to the property.  Once
on the property users are expected to park their vehicles and walk (or ride
horses and bikes) within the property.  One of the reasons Green Swamp West
is so nice is because of the limited vehicle access, unlike many other
public lands.


> > Two possible explanations: The combination you were given works for the
> >  locks with "REC" (for recreation) scratched into them.  Not all gates
> >  recreation locks - I think only the gates to enter the property and
> to
> >  one of the established, ie by the roads, campsites.  They don't want
> >  recreational users driving all over the property.  Other possibility,
> >  were trying to open the wrong lock (without the "REC".)
> Two comments:
> 1) We were given no instructions about looking for the "rec" id on the
>  Shouldn't we have?
> 2) We each tried all of the available combo locks several times -- because
> were in disbelief that we were locked "in."  Whether they said "rec" I
> no clue.
> Happy trails,
> Solar Bear