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[ft-l] The Big 360: Green Swamp West (Part 1)

In a message dated 6/5/2001 8:10:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
D_Blick@email.msn.com writes:

> Two possible explanations: The combination you were given works for the
>  locks with "REC" (for recreation) scratched into them.  Not all gates have
>  recreation locks - I think only the gates to enter the property and drive 
>  one of the established, ie by the roads, campsites.  They don't want
>  recreational users driving all over the property.  Other possibility, you
>  were trying to open the wrong lock (without the "REC".)

Two comments:

1) We were given no instructions about looking for the "rec" id on the locks. 
 Shouldn't we have?

2) We each tried all of the available combo locks several times -- because 
were in disbelief that we were locked "in."  Whether they said "rec" I have 
no clue.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear