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[ft-l] dazed or confused.

Hiking in Florida in Summer is its own special kind of insanity.  Sometimes 
the call of the trail is too much and I venture out in Summer.  Last Summer 
it was a trip to the Myakka grass praire.  Full Sun and no shade is not 
pleasent and can be dangerous if you are unprepared.  When hiking in summer I 
try to wear long loose fitting clothing.  It produces its own shade and helps 
me from becomming  the shade of a boiled lobster.  A Wide brimed hat is also 
a must for me.  Sports drinks are great for replacing electrolytes but don't 
aid in the absorbtion of water.  A good way to avoid heat stress is to make 
yourself into a human camel.  Drink as much as you can before hitting the 
trailhead.  Begin saturation a day before your hike and drink as much as you 
can.  Your tissues can store a lot of excess water.  It is during that time 
that I can blame my weight on water retention.  Although I have not used the 
FTA coobler neck band, I have used similar products and it does help you feel 
cooler.  The absolute best way to beat the Florida heat when hiking in the 
Summer is to make sure your hike ends at a spring?  I enjoy Summer hikes in 
Ocala so I can plan them via cool springs.  Keep cool and happy hiking!  Brian