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The Cross Seminole Trail between Oviedo and Winter Springs is 3.5 miles.

>From downtown Oviedo you can ride/walk 3.5 miles to just outside Winter
Springs then the trail is interrupted by private property and huge No
Trespassing signs and yellow tape.  The trail effectively ends where the
paved surface ends.  You cannot follow the blazes through the No Trespassing
sections.  Seminole County is working at procuring other land in the area
from the land owner in exchange for this section of prime commercial
property astride the rail corridor.  Until then you have to back-track on
the paved trail to the previous city street. (Do not use the road or
surrounding land where the paved trail ends - it is private property, too.)
Take that street north to SR 434, use the sidewalks and go east to the
McDonalds, then north to the school where you should be able to pick up the
orange blazes again.

No one has sent in a map change on this route, (nor a Notice to Hikers, that
I am aware of) so I don't have specific names and distances to give.

BTW, except for the preponderance of asphalt on the Cross Seminole Trail, it
is very nice.  Shaded most of the way and alive with small animal life.

Deb Blick

> North of SR 70 to Orlando, none of the FNST is open to bicycles except for
> a eight mile portion in Tosohatchee State Preserve east of Orlando and the
> six mile long Cross Seminole Trail between Oviedo and Winter Springs.