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[ft-l] Saturday - Bull Creek Work Hike

The Friends of Bull Creek are joining the Florida Trail Association to do some
trail maintenance in Bull Creek this Saturday.  The FOBC folks are eager to
help, many in number, and untrained in the fine art of trail maintenance.
We'd dearly love to have some experienced FTA trail workers help us to manage
the work groups.  Depending on the total number of workers, we're prepared to do
everything from pruning and blazing to mowing and major deadfall removal.  If
you can join us, please meet us at the hunt camp near the WMA entrance this
Saturday, 4 August, at 8:00 am.  Bring plenty of water to drink, sun, rain and
bug protection, and the usual trail maintenance accoutrements.  Because it's
summer and we'll have a lot of first-time trail workers, I plan to keep the work
to a half-day, done by noon unless a Tstorm chases us away earlier.
Friends of Bull Creek is a coalition of user groups who have joined together to
try to make Bull Creek a great place for everyone to enjoy.  Come see what real
inter-group cooperation can accomplish.
If you think you can help or you need more info, please email my home address
with your phone number and I'll get in touch to discuss.
~Pam Hale
totamOak@bellsouth.net <mailto:totamOak@bellsouth.net> 
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