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[ft-l] Update on an ECT hiker

Just found this in the AT-L discussion today. I believe this fellow started 
in January, and stayed with Joan & Jon along the way? -- cheers, Sandy

Met an interesting fellow [without a trail name, I think he said Dennis] at 
Pinkham Notch Camp on Friday.  He's been hiking since January, heading 
north to Labrador right now is on the AT.  Started in Key West.  I asked 
him, "Any injuries?"  He knocked on wood.  Said he fell badly three times 
earlier that day coming down from Mt. Washington and that the rocks were 
very slippery.  He was from England and said it's been very cold going 
through the White Mountains.  These past three weeks have been quite cold, 
here.  A warming trend is on the way, though.  He said that the AT was very 
different than he thought it would be, saying it was overcrowded and easier 
than expected.  He seemed a bit negative on it.  But, he's heading 
north.  marty