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[ft-l] Offbeat hikes in Lake County

This reminds me of the Devil's Millhopper near Gainesville. There's a 
wooden stairway that goes down into the sink, and a half-mile trail around 
the rim. The stairs are a pretty good climb-- 221 steps.


At 08:47 AM 7/16/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The first one was on the edge of Eustis, in Hidden Waters Preserve. The 
>trail has a mean slope to it -- drops more than 100 feet, then climbs back 
>up again, only to drop down even more sharply the second time. But 
>wait...BIG hills? In Florida? Sparkling water bouncing down a hillside? 
>Not quite a waterfall, but lush with ferns and definitely flowing 
>downhill. All thanks to a HUGE sinkhole in which the trails lie. The 
>fern-lined stream is one of the prettier places I've seen around here, and 
>it had a nice brisk flow to the crystal-clear water. The trail is only a 
>mile long, but very interesting.

Erskine Fincher