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[ft-l] Offbeat hikes in Lake County

Mary, glad you joined!

For Mary (and others):
To find Hidden Waters Preserve, turn off of US 441 south of Eustis onto 
Donnelly Rd, aka CR 44B, north (away from Mt Dora). Make the first left onto 
Waycross, and follow it until it ends at a T. Turn right onto Country Club 
Rd. The park will be within the next mile on the right. It's not signposted, 
but there is a grassy parking area across from Country Club Drive, and a 
kiosk with maps. 

The trail heads downhill from the kiosk. Follow the blue blazes until you hit 
the red blazes, then follow the red blazes. Those will take you in, up, over, 
and back down into the sinkhole, along the splashing waters. 

Cheers, Sandy