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[ft-l] Changes in FTA Trail Inventory process


Is this in addition to the UTAP or in lieu of?


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>Subject: [ft-l] Changes in FTA Trail Inventory process
>Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 12:31:16 -0500
>I'm happy to announce to the list that the FTA Executive Committee has
>approved major changes in the Trail Inventory process for the next two
>As I have worked with the system and talked with many hikers and Kent and
>Howard up in Tallahassee and tried to answer phone calls and letters sent 
>the FTA office and worked with Joan Hobson and the Long Distance Hikers
>Committee and our maps, it has become apparent to me that we really need a
>process to know exactly where the trail is and what hiker and maintenance
>features exist along the trail. And that that info needs to be collected in
>a consistent and timely manner.  That was the plan I put together and
>submitted to the Executive Committee last weekend.
>So, starting next month, the Trail Inventory process will be streamlined.
>We will be walking the trail with a Trimle GPS unit and recording the
>center-line of the trail.  We will also be recording point data for major
>trail crossings, water sources, campsites, and trailheads within the GPS
>data dictionary.  Along with the GPS, we will also be running a rolatape 
>accurate measurements between points and recording data on signage,
>campsites, water sources, road crossings, etc on fill-in-the-blank forms.  
>will shortly be spending two weeks a month actually out on the trail
>collecting this info.  With one other person to help (hopefully a local who
>knows the trail section well) we can move along at about 1.5 miles per
>hour - the speed of a slow day hike.  The plan is to have the entire
>thru-trail GPS'ed and inventoried by the end of 2002.  With volunteer
>support, this goal is very reachable.  After the thru-trail is established,
>we can start on the side and loop trails, too.
>This will be of tremendous benefit to the FTA maps (which are of varying
>accuracy) and also to the guys at the FNST office.  Accurate current route
>location is needed to attach to the FNST agreements and to determine 
>how to fill the gaps remaining in the trail.  It will also put us squarely
>in line for federal GPS/GIS funding that hopefully will be secured from
>Congress for the entire National Trails System in 2001.  With the
>descriptive info collected we should also be able to publish an FT Data 
>quite easily, which will benefit day, weekend, section and thru-hikers.
>Anyone who would like to help out by accompanying me on these Trail
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