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[ft-l] Florida Leave No Trace Master course

Hello Florida Trail folks,

The US Forest Service is still looking for folks interested in taking the
Leave No Trace Master course coming up at the end of the month in the Ocala
National Forest.  The Forest Service will pay the course tuition.  They
need at least one more person to register so they can offer the course.
Please contact Barbara Cook at the address below as soon as possible if you
are interested.  Thank you.


Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 942-9376 (w)
(850) 942-9305 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160
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This was the latest note from NOLS about the Master of Leave No Trace
course.  Enrollment dropped to 7, so we're still looking for participants.

Barbara Cook
National Forests in Florida
"Let your vision be world-embracing."
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                                         Subject:     Florida LNT Master course           


Everyone who is receiving this e-mail is somehow connected with the
upcoming Leave No Trace Master Course at Camp Ocala, FL, January
29-February 2. At this point we have eight people signed up for the course
and are still looking for a couple more folks.

If you are a participant on the course, you need to send in the following
forms as soon as possible:
1. course application
2. medical form
3. insurance form
4. NOLS acknowlegement of risk form
5. travel itinerary
6. teaching session sign-up form

All course specific information and enrollment forms can be downloaded from
the Leave No Trace website <www.LNT.org>. I can also send/fax these if you

Please spend some time thinking about your teaching topic. Each participant
is asked to prepare a 15-20 minute class on a LNT principle or related
topic of their choice. "LNT Adaptations for Youth" is the only one taken as
of now. Your instructors will be teaching the LNT principle "Plan Ahead and
Prepare" but the others are wide open.

Camp Ocala can provide a airport shuttle service from Orlando or Daytona
($40 one way, per van load). Please indicate on the Travel Itinerary if
you're interested.

Bill Hatcher and I are coordinating things from the National Outdoor
Leadership School's Lander office so feel free to call us with your
questions and concerns.
Bill's e-mail is bill_hatcher@nols.edu, phone is (307) 335-2288.

We are excited that you are a part of the first LNT Master Course ever held
in Florida.

Happy Holidays!

Susan Benepe
NOLS Outreach Program Coordinator
288 Main St., Lander, WY 82520
(307) 335-2292