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[ft-l] Pitcher pumps

Well I recall on one of the work hikes on the west of Ocala section of the
barge canal trail that the horse people had installed a pitcher pump and a
couple picnic tables. It was near a small spring, sorry I can't be more
precise. But the horse water ploy may be a way around the public water
supply problem, the pump had a sign on it warning that the water was
non-potable. These signs can be purchased from safety sign manufacturers.
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> FTA's VP for Trails Joan Hobson and I are very much aware of the need for
> water sources along the trail.  We are researching the regulations for
> installing and maintaining pitcher pumps on public lands.  We are trying
> determine if they are allowed and what the permit requirements would be.
> It is not as easy as it used to be when you could just drive a pipe into
> the ground and screw on a pitcher pump.  We are investigating what
> procedures have to be followed.  A major constraint may be a requirement
> for monthly water testing.  This is an important issue that we will
> continue to pursue.  If anyone has information about where wells currently
> exist or have experience getting them permitted and installed, please let
> me know.  Thanks.
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> I might be off base here, but it seems to me that as the money begins to
> roll
> in for trail development we really need to consider adding wells and hand
> pumps along many of the trails.  Water is scarce on so many of our trails
> and
> getting harder to find all the time.
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