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[ft-l] Hello! (new lister)

    I'm Eric Primack and I'm leaving to hike on the Florida Trail next =
week (Jan 16 or 17).  I just graduated from Florida State University =
with a degree in theatre, but I'm not an actor - I run sound for live =
bands mostly. =20
    I'll be hiking northbound from the Kissimee River area (near =
Sebring) to Juniper Springs campground in the Ocala National Forest.  =
I'll get to Farles Prarie Campground in the Ocala Nat'l Forest around =
Feb. 1st, and possibly stay there for a week with a spontaneous group of =
individuals (  members.xoom.com/FL_Family/ ).  Everyone is welcome. =20
    Does anybody want to accompany me part/all of the way? =20
    Does anyone live near Sebring and could give me a ride to the trail =
(I'll get a bus to Sebring)?
    Also, if someone could somehow provide me with an electronic copy of =
the data about the trail, I would greatly appreciate it.  Then I can put =
it in my PDA (like a Palm Pilot) and just carry that instead of any maps =
or other paper. =20
    Any other suggestions will be helpful.  I've emailed with Jim Pace =
and Doug McCoy about the Kissimee River area, but north of that I would =
like to know, for example, how likely the water supplies will be flowing =
well.  Oh, also, I have looked at the hunting website =
(http://www.state.fl.us/fwc/hunting/seasons-00-01.html ), and it seems =
to say that no hunting is in season.  Is this correct?

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