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[ft-l] Green Swamp?


I think you are referring to Gator Hole campsite.  There are 4 designated
campsites in GSW and you must camp in the designated sites and must have
prior permission to do so.  Permission takes 10-14 days to obtain.  Call
1-800-423-1476, ext. 4470. No permission is required for hiking through
there, just for overnight camping.

>From SR 471 to trail in Richloam the mileages are as follows:
0.0  - 471 Trailhead parking area
1.3 - Gator Hole campsite
5.8 - Blue-blaze trail to River Road Trailhead (1.8 miles) near Dade City
7.6 - Concession Stand campsite
11.1 - Foster Bridge campsite
16.4 - High Bluff campsite
17.5 - Devils Creek
18.2 - Richloam intersection

Last time I was out (2 weeks ago) there was water at:
Gator Hole (in a very small pond on the FNST about 500 ft north of
Foster Bridge (via 900 ft blue-blaze to Withlacoochee River);
High Bluff (via 300 ft blue-blaze to Withlacoochee River);
Devils Creek

There is also potable water at an outside faucet at the house just inside
the locked gate on River Rd.  You can see the house from the blue-blaze

No pitcher pumps have been installed yet.  Bill Summers and crew are still
working on that, but with the drought they haven't been able to find water
yet.  They will first be putting one in near Concession Stand.


> Pam,
> on your Green Swamp hike, do you recall if there was a campsite about
> miles north of the Withlacoochee River Bridge (Hwy 471), after you pass
> through that new gated area for Green Swamp West? And would you know (or
> would Deb know) if there is a pitcher pump at that campsite? Rich and I
> headed out there next weekend.
> Thanks, Sandy