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[ft-l] Green Swamp?

I just got back from a 3 day hike in Green Swamp over Presidents' Day weekend.
Dean Still Road was open, but I-4 between 27 and 33 was not.  We walked from the
Rock Ridge Rd. trailhead to River Rd (?), camped at Trial Ford and Concession.
The trail is NW of where the current fire is; we encountered nothing but perfect
conditions - no smoke & ash.  (The earlier Green Swamp fire did not affect any
of the trail corridor either.)  The trail west of SR471 is in mint condition--
corridor well trimmed and blazed.  But it was DRY - no water to be found in the
Withlacoochie River or any of the streams or ponds.  If you hike, take all the
water you'll need, 'cause there is none to be found along the way.


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Just wondering if anyone has news on how the fires have affected the FT in 
Green Swamp, and if Deen Still Rd is closed due to the current fire.

Cheers, Sandy
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