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[ft-l] F-HATT stuff

Jim Pace and I are leading our annual Presidents' Day hike along Green Swamp
East & West.  He's starting at one end (west) and I'm starting at east on
Saturday.  We'll meet (and shake hands!) 
on Sunday to exchange car keys, and finish up at opposite ends on Monday.  We
haven't signed up because we're not sure if our plans fit with the intent of

What to you think?

(FYI, I still have a few openings left, if anyone's interested)

Pam Hale

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Sorry about the last post.  I hit the wrong button.

That would be Daryl and Wayne.  Daryl's email is fthiker@juno.com


> Here Here!
> I'm currently listed to do sections 1/2 (Big Cypress) and I had got an
> some time back from someone who was thinking of joining me...Doug I think
> was...? Trying to get in touch with that person.
> -D

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