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[ft-l] Some Gear Questions/feedback

I am new to the FTA and just getting started. I have camped/hike when
my boys were in the scouts, so I am not to much the novis. But
feedback is good. I am planning a few weekenders and long weekend
hikes to get started.

As with most folks, I have to operate within a budget, so here is what I
plan to buy. Note I am 6'1" so can handle the larger packs.

Back Pack: Kelty Trekker External, 5lbs 10 oz, 4300 ci, has hydration
bottle pocket. H- frame I know this is the most important item and I
should be trying them all on, but I am in the Florida Keys and access to
a store with a selection of packs does not exist or is a long trip.

Sleeping Bag: Northface Thunder 36 Long, 20 deg, 3lbs, 2oz stuff is
9x17. Picked this for the extra footspace and weight. Too Warm?

Mattress: Therm-A-Rest Backpacker 3/4 length, 1lbs, 8oz Good buy $30

Stove: MSR Whisperlite Shaker, 14oz w/o fuel

Water Filter: Sweetwater Walkabout Microfilter, 9oz

Walking Staff- I am into photography and getting this will substitute
for a monopod. I has a camera attachment under the staff knob. Tacks
Sherlock Walking Staff

Any feedback or suggested changes would be appreciated.



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