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[ft-l] Re: hiking without hunters

Juniper Wilderness area in the Ocala National Forest
is a nice area.  You can park at Juniper Springs($10 a
night unfortunately)hike bout 6 miles to Hidden
Pond(nice area for camping), and then it's about 3
miles to Pat's Island(where they filmed "the
yearling").  About 2 more miles brings you out to FR
10 and a parking area.

Just an idea, hope it helps!

Trail Talker 

> I have a question.  I have some time off between New
> Year's day and
> January 5. I would like to go out with family
> members and do a bit of the
> FT (we are members). Most areas seem to be under
> "General Gun Season"
> here in Northeast Florida.
> Do any of you have any suggestions for a fun hike
> away from all those
> hunters?

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