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[ft-l] Double Reverse Hiking FT

There is some nice hiking on the Cross Florida Greenway Between US 441, 7
miles south of Ocala, (3 miles north of Belleview).   It is built and marked
US441/27/301 for approximately 20 miles out to abreast of the Dunnellon
Airport.  It is close to an urban area, but a nice wilderness.  It is mostly
in the shade, and goes thru some of the diggings of the old defunct Cross
Florida Barge Canal.

There is no hunting in this section.

Kenneth Smith, Section leader 13 W.
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> I have a question.  I have some time off between New Year's day and
> January 5. I would like to go out with family members and do a bit of the
> FT (we are members). Most areas seem to be under "General Gun Season"
> here in Northeast Florida.
> Do any of you have any suggestions for a fun hike away from all those
> hunters?
> Thanks,
> John, Clay County
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