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[ft-l] Double Reverse Hiking FT

  The problems of hiking a linear trail are not new.  One of the best 
solutions I've found is for one to hike one direction (say north on the FT) 
and the other to hike south.  If they are using two vehicles, when they reach 
the end of their respective hikes, they just drive the other hiker's vehicle 
to a prearranged meeting/camping site. 
   If only one vehicle is available; Hiker A must drive Hiker B to one end of 
the hiking route (say the north end) as Hiker B walks southward, Hiker A 
drives to the south end, parks the vehicle and hikes northward.  When Hiker B 
reaches the parked vehicle he drives to the north end to pick up Hiker A.  
Assuming that Hikers A & B hike and drive at about the same speed, they will 
both reach the north end at about the same time.  This is a very enjoyable 
way to hike.  Both get to have quiet moments hiking alone but can share trail 
stories during the evening while enjoying dinner and some refreshment 
together...and it can go on day after day after day.  
  I have found it best to have two sets of trail maps and a set of road maps 
for each vehicle, plus two sets of keys for each car.  Make plans and 
contingency plans about where the car will be parked in case you miss each 
other on the trail.
  The shuttle trips between the north end and the south end (one way counts 
as a trip):  Double Reverse with two vehicles - 2 trips
        Double Reverse with one vehicle -  3 trips
verses two hikers walking together and shuttling two vehicles - 6 trips