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[ft-l] Road/trail maps

That's what I use - the FTA maps for the trail area and the DeLorme Atlas
and Gazetteer for the outside areas.  You can pick up the DeLorme Atlas at
most bookstores for around $22.  The only problem I have with the DeLorme is
that they use the same symbol for state and county roads.  That sometimes
gets me confused.

The problem with the road names on the FTA maps is that as the state
urbanizes, the road names constantly change.  And Fla DOT only updates the
road and names in their publicly-available GIS files every 5 years or so, so
some of the names HAVE changed in that period.  Also, some roads have
multiple names. Along one stretch the street signs may have a local name and
along another stretch of the same road it may have a county or state road

If you find that a road name has changed or is shown on our maps
incorrectly, please send me an email to that effect.

Deb Blick

> The FTA maps work well for finding the road crossings,
> if you use them in conjunction with the Delorme Florida
> atlas. Some of the road names are a little off, but close
> enough that you'll find the road nonetheless.
> Sandy