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[ft-l] Outfitters & Danner Boots

Try K Mart. They have some "cool" boots, and they are priced right.($10.00).
I saw some recently that were "man made" materials that I thought would be
acceptable for a scout son, or even leather boots that were around $30.00.
I often hike in that type of boot here in Florida, even though I have some
much more sophisticated boots for backpacking in the mountains with a
heavier pack.

Kenneth S.
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> I'm taking my Boy Scout son, 12 years old wearing size
> 11.5 men's shoes, to get his first pair of hiking
> boots.  He recently wore my Vasque Sundowners with
> three pair of socks on a family hike and a girl said
> something to him about them.  So there you go!
> We'll be backpacking a lot in the next few months, so
> he needs good support.  However, it will be flat
> walking on Cumberland Island and the FT.  Can I find
> appropriate support in a Sports Unlimited or even a
> dept store?  I know he'll say yeah it feels fine if it
> "looks cool".
> I do have a Black Creek Trading Post near by too.  I
> just don't want him falling in love with +$200 boots
> he wears three times then outgrows.
> Scout Daddy
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> Not all Danner's are lightweight. I have a pair of
> Expedition II's that are
> definitely in the heavyweight category. But I wouldn't
> do without them in
> the winter. I also wear Danner Radical 45's on a daily
> basis. They ARE
> lightweight.
> Danner's reputation is one of extreme durability and
> high quality. They are
> not for everybody. Fit can be a big issue with Danner.
> You need to go to a
> professional outfitter and let them help you with
> them. Failure to do so
> will result in a boot that will give you blisters
> guaranteed. Danner boots
> are not as forgiving as say, Vasque.
> Lee I Joe
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