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[ft-l] Road/trail maps

What about the maps from the FTA. Though I am a newbie to the trail, I am
familiar with many of the roads, and the charts I have 32-42 seem pretty

The one problem I am having is I will be often hiking alone. I plan to do
photography along the way. I would prefer to do day or overnight hikes, but
so far the trail, in the south at least, does not appear to be conducive to
this. Long distances between parking areas. Though if you can arrange pickup
along the way, it appears there are many smaller roads where you can
intercept on.

Been studying the maps.

Bill in the keys

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> Do any of you know of a good map/atlas/gazetteer to use for the FT and
> getting to points along the FT?  I wouldn't mind having one and actually
> being able to see on a map how to get there and where I'm going.
> Most maps I
> see either don't show smaller roads or don't show the FT.
> Teresa
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