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[ft-l] Danner Boots

I love my Danner Boots. I have a pair of Danner Gore Tex Boots that were
probably one of the first pair of Danner Gore Tex in Florida. They are
pretty beat up now as I use them while scouting and building trail. They
replaced a pair of Danner Leather boots that I had for about 10 years in the
70's .    I do however, have a newer pair of Danner Kevlar GoreTex boots
that I have had since about 1994.  They were great on a trek to the Base
Camp of Mt. Everest in 1995, and I use them regularly while hiking on the
Florida Trail and the
Appalachian Trail. As you see, I am a Danner fan.

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> At 09:18 PM 12/18/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >BTW, anybody have feedback on Danner Boots. Looked good and light weight.
> >Did not have my size in stock the day I visited or I would have bought a
> >pair.
> I love my Danners. I can't say I have a lot to compare them with. I owned
> pair of Red Wing work boots once and they were great, but other than that
> it's been K-Mart brand stuff-- not for hiking, just for work. I bought
> these Danners when I first started hiking, and they've been great. My wife
> almost fainted when I told her they were a $100... each. She said they
> would have to last me a long time, but that won't be a problem.
> Unfortunately, I don't get to use them as much as I would like. (I've been
> tied down a little since the new baby arrived back in April, but he's
> getting a child carrier pack for Christmas so he can go hiking with Dad.)
> Anyway, I would say that if they feel good on your feet, you can't go
> wrong, because the workmanship is excellent. In the words of Boots the
> Monkey from my daughter's favorite cartoon, Dora the Explorer:
> "I love my boots, and my boots love me. They help me swing from tree to
> ;-)
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