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[ft-l] Outfitters

At 09:18 PM 12/18/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>BTW, anybody have feedback on Danner Boots. Looked good and light weight.
>Did not have my size in stock the day I visited or I would have bought a

I love my Danners. I can't say I have a lot to compare them with. I owned a 
pair of Red Wing work boots once and they were great, but other than that 
it's been K-Mart brand stuff-- not for hiking, just for work. I bought 
these Danners when I first started hiking, and they've been great. My wife 
almost fainted when I told her they were a $100... each. She said they 
would have to last me a long time, but that won't be a problem. 
Unfortunately, I don't get to use them as much as I would like. (I've been 
tied down a little since the new baby arrived back in April, but he's 
getting a child carrier pack for Christmas so he can go hiking with Dad.) 
Anyway, I would say that if they feel good on your feet, you can't go 
wrong, because the workmanship is excellent. In the words of Boots the 
Monkey from my daughter's favorite cartoon, Dora the Explorer:

"I love my boots, and my boots love me. They help me swing from tree to tree."


"We intend to remain alive. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This is not 
a question that leaves much room for compromise." - Golda Meir
Erskine Fincher