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[ft-l] FlaRUCK

Teresa, you had me rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) on that one.  I
believe another term for tuckerizing someone's pack would be to inform the
"pack police"!  Fun indeed!  I'm still amazed at what I considered "needed",
not to mention what I considered "wanted".  I can still remember pulling a
matching set of full size salt and pepper shakers from someone's pack!  Jeff

----- Original Message -----
> hiking and backpacking, and using the informal gathering to tuckerize
> of "newbies", like myself.  (Tuckerizing being the act of throwing out
> about everything that weighs over 1 oz due to it being deemed
> or a "luxury item", such as sleeping bag and tent("Use the cover of the
> trees." "Climb into that gopher tortoise hole."), clothes ("Did early
> wear GoreTex???"), and boots ("Wimp!!  Who needs boots??").)