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[ft-l] Re: Outfitters and Fla Ruck

There is also a Brazington's in Ocala.  Nice store,
but I don't think they are on the internet.  There is
a Bass Pro on International Drive in Orlando.  Bass
pro and Travel Country are both easily accesssed from
I-4.(20 minutes or so apart)

A florida ruck in the Ocala area on President's Day
weekend sounds great!

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> Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:26:41 EST
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> Subject: [ft-l] Outfitters
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> Hi all.  I was asked and didn't know the answer so
> I'll ask you.  Does anyone 
> have a list of good backpacking outfitters or stores
> in Florida?  If there 
> isn't a list, will you tell me the names of some
> around you?  Maybe while I'm 
> tooling around the state, I'll stop in.  I live on
> SW coast and the only 
> place I know of around here is a little store in
> Coastland Mall in Naples 
> called Earth Outfitters.  (Is that a chain, in all
> malls?) Because I haven't 
> really been anywhere else, I am assuming they are on
> the high end as far as 
> price is concerned.  Their selection is limited as
> well, although they told 
> me they can order from many manufacturers.  Sports
> Authority carries some 
> stuff, but you can't find any help there.  I've
> heard of Travel Country 
> Outdoors in Orlando area and Brasington(is that
> right??) in Gainesville as 
> well.  I know TCO has a website
> (www.travelcountry.com).  Does Brasington?  
> Does anyone know about Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World? 

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