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[ft-l] FlaRUCK

Try this:  http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck/index.html

I've never been, so someone else could explain better than I, but my 
understanding is that a RUCK is an informal gathering of informal hikers 
informally talking about informal topics, often, but not formally related to 
hiking and backpacking, and using the informal gathering to tuckerize packs 
of "newbies", like myself.  (Tuckerizing being the act of throwing out just 
about everything that weighs over 1 oz due to it being deemed "unnecessary" 
or a "luxury item", such as sleeping bag and tent("Use the cover of the 
trees." "Climb into that gopher tortoise hole."), clothes ("Did early peoples 
wear GoreTex???"), and boots ("Wimp!!  Who needs boots??").)

Hope that helps.

"Procrastination is a dream-killer."

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