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[ft-l] Outfitters

I just visited Jet's Outdoor in Miami. Appeared to have everything. They
were listed as a reseller for many products I was searching for on the web.

I also do biz with a small place called Base Camp in Rockledge Fl (this is
near Cocoa/Cocoa Beach). She will drop ship anywhere. Pretty good discount
and often has sale items. Very knowledgeable, and a hiker herself. I plan to
shop the web then order form her. 321-636-7151

BTW, anybody have feedback on Danner Boots. Looked good and light weight.
Did not have my size in stock the day I visited or I would have bought a

Bill in the keys

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> Hi all.  I was asked and didn't know the answer so I'll ask you.
> Does anyone
> have a list of good backpacking outfitters or stores in Florida?
> If there
> isn't a list, will you tell me the names of some around you?
> Maybe while I'm
> tooling around the state, I'll stop in.  I live on SW coast and the only
> place I know of around here is a little store in Coastland Mall in Naples
> called Earth Outfitters.  (Is that a chain, in all malls?)
> Because I haven't
> really been anywhere else, I am assuming they are on the high end
> as far as
> price is concerned.  Their selection is limited as well, although
> they told
> me they can order from many manufacturers.  Sports Authority carries some
> stuff, but you can't find any help there.  I've heard of Travel Country
> Outdoors in Orlando area and Brasington(is that right??) in
> Gainesville as
> well.  I know TCO has a website (www.travelcountry.com).  Does
> Brasington?
> Does anyone know about Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World?  I've been to
> the one in
> Ft. Lauderdale and wasn't impressed.  Did I miss something?
> Thanks for the info,
> Teresa
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