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[ft-l] Outfitters

Hi all.  I was asked and didn't know the answer so I'll ask you.  Does anyone 
have a list of good backpacking outfitters or stores in Florida?  If there 
isn't a list, will you tell me the names of some around you?  Maybe while I'm 
tooling around the state, I'll stop in.  I live on SW coast and the only 
place I know of around here is a little store in Coastland Mall in Naples 
called Earth Outfitters.  (Is that a chain, in all malls?) Because I haven't 
really been anywhere else, I am assuming they are on the high end as far as 
price is concerned.  Their selection is limited as well, although they told 
me they can order from many manufacturers.  Sports Authority carries some 
stuff, but you can't find any help there.  I've heard of Travel Country 
Outdoors in Orlando area and Brasington(is that right??) in Gainesville as 
well.  I know TCO has a website (www.travelcountry.com).  Does Brasington?  
Does anyone know about Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World?  I've been to the one in 
Ft. Lauderdale and wasn't impressed.  Did I miss something?

Thanks for the info,

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