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[ft-l] Peace River trip

Hi Everyone!  Well, I was able to get out this weekend.  I kept hinting to my 
brother that he and his wife would probably love it if we went camping for 
his birthday!  He agreed!  We camped at Peace River Campground's wilderness 
area right on the Peace River.  Even though I could hear traffic (from US17, 
I believe) it was a good getaway.  I was able to tune out the traffic noise, 
so it seemed quiet enough for me!  Sitting by the fire each night I was torn 
between staring at the stars or staring at the fire, as I love both!  The 
stars won out, and I was rewarded with two shooting stars Friday night and 
one Saturday night.  I hadn't seen one in...well...decades I'd say.

To escape the winter heat (85* for highs), we went canoeing/kayaking.  I 
spent most of the 10 mile trip in the kayak, and although it seemed to be 
more work than the canoe, I enjoyed it.  We saw 3 alligators (all 5' or 
under), several herons and egrets, 1 snake, and 2 hawks, one standing on the 
embankment right next to the river watching us, and one gliding above the 
river then swooping down and dragging it's claws through the water, cutting a 
10-15' ripple through the water.  It did not seem as targeted of a strike as 
I thought was their manner of 'fishing'.  I guess I was wrong.  Although I 
was pleased to see this predator stay just in front of us for about 10 
minutes, I never did see it make a catch.

The day was pretty warm but I was wet most of the time and there was a 
breeze.  The combination kept me cool enough.  Sleeping at night was 
comfortable.  I slept on a twin-sized air bed in the back of my brother's 
pickup with a tarp tented over me to keep me a little drier from the dew.  
The mosquitos were there, and I do have plenty of bites, but they weren't 
enough to really bother me.

I wished I had been hiking, but this will hold me over for a day or so.  :-)

I hope your weekends were wonderful.

"Procrastination is a dream-killer."

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