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[ft-l] FT Thru-hikers

Are there suscribers to this list who are are planning a through-hike in
january or february??

"God does not play dice." - Einstein

> I just received a call from Jojo.  She got through the first 7 miles of
> Cypress (Loop Rd section) yesterday then decided to sit the rest of it
> She'll return to do Big Cypress later when it is drier.  Magellan,
> is going on alone.  I don't know whether she's brave or foolish to do so.
> Probably just stubborn!  Jojo will meet up with Magellan again at the I-75
> crossing.
> They are expecting to hit the top of Okechobee around 12/23 and will be
> spending Christmas Eve and Day at my house.  If any of you wish to send
> holiday email greetings, you can send them to me and I'll print 'em out
> stick them in a stocking.
> Cricket
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