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[ft-l] Neebie Info and some Questions

Hello folks,

I have been lurking for several weeks and impressed with the enthusiasm
I have seen. Hopefully, I will be able to sustain it for myself.

I am 50 years old, living and working in the lower keys. I have always
enjoyed the outdoors and have done many a hike, camping etc, when my
boys were passing through the scouts. Joining the FTA was something I
always wanted to do, but never found the time for some reason until
last week.

Gave my sons and myself membership to FTA as a Christmas present. My
eldest is at FSU, GO NOLES :-), and plans to work the trail from the
north, and me from the south, and together, with both sons when we can,
most likely in the center.

I of course plan to start at Big Cyprus in mid January. Took a trip the
week before Thanksgiving, driving Loop Road and Tamiami around the area,
did some short day hikes in several areas up the west coast to get a
feel for the different terrain.

Found loop road to be pretty wet. Just read an article in Florida
Outdoorsman about Big Cyprus and the ranger guided tours. My view, it
looked pretty wet, The article showed folks up to their butts in water.

All my scout trips were relatively dry ones. No wading.

Some questions:

 If conditions stay as they are now, dry weather, what can I expect in
 mid January?

If wading will be required, should one bring some other shoes along to
use rather than walking in soaking boots all day? Any recommendations?

Should this trip be done alone? I am very interested in doing nature
photography, so the fewer people the less noise. However, I have not
worked out the logistics of drop-off and pick-up at the start and end of
the lines if I go it alone.

Is anyone else planning a hike in January that may want company with a
newbie hiker?

Bill in the Keys


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