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[ft-l] FT Thru-hikers Update

I just received a call from Jojo.  She got through the first 7 miles of Big
Cypress (Loop Rd section) yesterday then decided to sit the rest of it out.
She'll return to do Big Cypress later when it is drier.  Magellan, however,
is going on alone.  I don't know whether she's brave or foolish to do so.
Probably just stubborn!  Jojo will meet up with Magellan again at the I-75

They are expecting to hit the top of Okechobee around 12/23 and will be
spending Christmas Eve and Day at my house.  If any of you wish to send them
holiday email greetings, you can send them to me and I'll print 'em out and
stick them in a stocking.