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[ft-l] Address reply

For address.

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Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 12:03 PM
Subject: [ft-l] JP, who 'lse?

> Hi, folx,
> Jus' a lil uipdate on myownself...I've lost my cy. of ever'1's
address...plz. reply w/that Nfo...thanx.
> Ju's hiked the 134 mi. fm. K. West 2 Homestead FL...twas a beauty, 'tho
mucha the time 'twas a lil' hotter that desirable...I swear it approached
> How I got there was leavin' my car @ god trl.-workin' friend Dean Sim's
place in Homestead & he & wife Betty drove me over 2 the bus sta.; then a
pleasant drive down, w/the usual cast-0-characters, most ever'1 of 'em
smokers @ ever dismount.
> Arrived KW @ last lite & walked the 3 box over 2 the AYH Hostel...rite
nice  unrowded, as most places were, as this is the off-season.  Shared a
4-pers. rm. w/1 other guy.
> Nxt. AM., Thanxgivin', had brkfst @ a deli, dip on S-most bch, then hiked
r'round the island's E. side..this & ever' day sunswept & breezy...used my
Golit umrella 2 keep in the shade; I'd say this give 1 10-deg. of coolness.
> Was fun walkin' by the squatter-type boat houses, which come in all
shapes/sizes & I understand will soon B gone or payin' $800 rents.
> Onward on wy 1...mosta the time was on bike paths...always the semi's
(which weren't visible on Thanxgivin' but were the rest-0-the-time) would
veer as far away as poss.
> Only saw the occasional "Mangrove Mite"...name ascried 2 the drifter class
down tere (& 1 assumes, 2 me).  Saw may B 2 bike trkkers. but didn't get 2
talk 2 'em.
> Has sveral blisters, which R rare 4 me...I think it's a function of
road-walkin' & hig-humidity.
> The 1st nite I was draggin' & asked 'bout a motel rm....$85 & no way.
Jus' 100 yds. down the rd. was a Vol. Fire Dept., so I went up 2 their
balcony-stule porch & jus' laid out.  Water fm. behind the place & all well.
> 2nd Day arrived @ Big Pine Key, known 4 its tiny Key Derr, w/preserve.  I
stealth-camped in the preserve so's I could B there in te late PM/early AM
2C the deer & this strategy worked out wll the nxt. AM as I saw 2 bux & a
doe (Nerestinngly, the bux show themselves, as opposed2 ther larger cousins,
the Eastern White-Tail).
> Meanwhile I was mostly grazin' @ ever' covenience store.
> Other nites i stealth-camped by a bridge, in a park which was under
construction, in a copse of trees, & on a cement plat4m which was some sorta
H20 control pt.
> Plenty-0-birds & folx fishin'...seemed that the poorer folx, mostly
Latinos were on the many bridges...saw hundreds a-fishin' & only 1 caught
anythin' as I passed & proudly posed 4 a foto.
> Notable was walkin' over the 7-mi. bridge, which happily was 6.5-mi.
Plenty of views & a 5-ft. breakdown lane...no breax the whol' way over.
> My last day in te Keys 2 different guys offered me rides.
> Then I was on the straight-North stretch of Hwy 1, thru the 'Glades &
counted on a store @ a marina 4 resupply...turns out it had closed due 2
floodin' nuty a kind lady gave me a sandwich, soda, ice H20 & offered me a
table & restroom.
> All-inall 'twas kinda fun & most-beautiful but I've gtta get off this
> Looks like I have a lock on Blackburn Trl. Cen., a hosel owned by Potomac
Appl' Trl. Club, 12 mi. S. of Hapers Ferry,WV, & due W. of DC....will B
there 'round the turn of the yr.
> Also hope 2 go 2 NC & do some trl. work.
> Plz. respond, 'specially w/yr. address.
> Yrs. & Happy Trls., W
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