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[ft-l] Going solo

I want to know about your first solo backpacking trips, or overnighters.  I 
have yet to do one.  I finally went camping by myself a year ago.  My family 
thought I was either crazy or just plain weird, which probably isn't any 
different than what they normally think of me, but they looked at me 
differently when they asked "What would you do THAT for??"  That first 
camping trip was quite interesting.  I spent a good portion of the first 
night asking myself "What was that?" every time I heard a noise.  Honestly, I 
was more afraid it was a human critter out to get me, rather than a critter 
critter.  The second night I decided to sit in a chair in the dark, no fire 
and wait for the critters to visit my site.  Being quick on the flashlight 
trigger, I was rewarded with a great view of a fox within 6 feet of me!

Anyway, how would a person, or more precisely, how should I rid myself of an 
overactive imagination when it comes to things that go bump in the night?


I apologize if you receive this more than once.

"Procrastination is a dream-killer."

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