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[ft-l] Starkey Wilderness Park

The trail in Starkey Wilderness Park is not a one of FTA's trails (a
component of the Florida Trail System).  They probably used orange paint
since orange has become the standard color for all hiking trails in the
state as so recommended in the DEP adopted the Statewide Greenways and
Trails Plan in 1998.



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Has anyone hiked at Starkey Wilderness Park? I called Pasco County parks
and they said the park contains a 13.5 mile orange-blazed trail.  I know
there is no FTA loop map for it, but I am wondering if the orange blazes
signify FTA maintenance.

I have the map from the SWFWMD website, and they claim 30+ miles of hiking
trails. Just wondering who is right...we'll be hiking it either way.

Cheers, Sandy
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