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[ft-l] background

Hello all, I am what is commonly called a lurker.  I've been on
the list for six months or so now and this is my first message. 
I am a grad student working in Environmental Planning at FSU in
Tallahassee and am working on my thesis right now with Kent and
the folks up here; trying to figure out the best way to close
the gaps we have in the FT.  I look forward to helping solve
this problem and graduating.  I work at FREAC, a division of
ISPA here at FSU and do a lot of GIS and computer miscelaneous. 
In May I will be hiking the Apalachian Trail through and through
until October, 2002...it should be fun, eh?
I'm 25, enjoy long walks on the beach, enjoy romantic dinners
and going to the opera...
Ok, the line above was just an attempt at humor...I do feel like
I am applying to a dating service by writing down my life
history, but what the heck, right? At least you'll know all
about me when you meet me on the trail.
I grew up on a farm and love animals, am a vegetarian, and am an
avid bicyclist (as a commuting option).  Ok, to sum it up, I am
a nature loving, salad eating, bicycle riding, trail hiking tree
One more thing...my favorite section of trail is the portion
that runs along the Sopchoppy River in the Apalachicola Natl
Forest, beautiful eh?  If you haven't hiked it, do...
I look forward to running into you all in the near future... 
Peace and Friendship,    -Mike, aka "TC"-

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