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[ft-l] maps and guidebook

I'd be glad to share my hiking preparations.  I'm a
littled stymied right now since all of the information
I need is being updated, and thus unavailable.  So,
while I wait, I'm tweaking my gear list and trying to
plan my food.  For the most part, I'll be resupplying
along the way.  I'm not a particularly picky or
demanding eater.  And I've never been one to
dehydrate.  If the trail towns are fairly close
together, then I can afford to pack somewhat weightier
food--like fresh fruit--especially since I won't be
weighted down with heavy winter mountain gear like I
will be in the latter stages of the PCT.  Then I'll
probably drift a small box of supplies from post
office to post office with things that might be hard
to come by in the small trail towns--like my favorite
socks, film, maps, etc.  Flexibility is the key to a
successful trip.

With the drought, I'm way more concerned about water. 
I'll be contacting the section leaders shortly for an
update on the water situation.  Since it's summer, I'm
sure very few people have been on the trails recently,
but I would appreciate any information that's
available.  I doubt I'll be able to rely on the trail
angels to secret gallons of water on the trail like
they do in Southern California.

As for my trail journal, I haven't decided whether to
create a website or not.  I could probably talk a
friend into posting them.  I'm just not sure I want to
deal with it.  But at the very least, I will be in
regular contact with her, and I'm sure she will adlib
her own updates for this list if I ask real nice. 
She's rather chatty, so you might get more information
out of her than you would directly from me anyway.

That's all for now.  Thanks for the encouragement.  I
can use all I can get.

--- wakefij@juno.com wrote:
> I would sure wait for the new editions if I were
> going to be out for a
> long hike.  Fires, storms and local vandals can
> change the trail markings
> and the way the trail looks in a very short time. 
> From my limited
> experience, trusting trail maps without someone who
> has been there lately
> can lead to lots of backtracking and lost time.
> Your trip sounds great.  I am about four years from
> doing something of
> that nature (when I retire from work). I think we
> would all like to hear
> more about your preparations and get trail reports
> once you get underway
> if that is possible.
> We wish you a great hike!
> John Wakefield
> Clay County
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