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[ft-l] maps and guidebook

Hi, again.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be
thru-hiking the FT beginning in mid-November.  I
realize this is hunting season, which presents certain
problems, but my schedule just won't allow me to start
in January.  Moreover, I've decided to start in
Pensacola and hike south to escape some of the colder
weather up north in December and January.

I called the FTA office and spoke to Tracy--an
extremely nice and helpful person.  She told me the
guide book, "From Here to There," is being published
in an updated fifth addition sometime in September or
October.  In addition, she told me that the trail maps
are also being updated, but she couldn't say when that
might be.  She thought in Sept. or Oct. as well. 
While I intend to buy the updated guide book and maps
when they are available, I really need to start
planning the hike now, especially since I know so
little about the trail.

Can anybody tell me, in their best estimation, how
different the guide book and maps are going to be? 
Should I go ahead and buy the current additions?  Are
there errata sheets I can use to update them myself? 
Or should I wait for the new ones?

If I should wait for the new ones, would anyone mind
loaning me their old ones?  Are they on file anywhere
that I could look at them?  What should I do?


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