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[ft-l] anybody home?


                I am the section leader from Lake Okeechobee north to the
beginning of the old Boney Dike section, about 40 miles. If you have any
questions about my area just ask away. You are also welcome to use our house
for mail drops or to overnite or set up slackpacks. My wife and I had eight
thruhikers stay overnight last season and always enjoy meeting new hiker
friends. We live in Okeechobee about seven miles from the trail, but I cross
the trail everyday  going to work.

                                        Good Luck, Doug McCoy
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From: Sara Baggett <butterfreefl@yahoo.com>
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Date: Saturday, August 11, 2001 6:39 PM
Subject: [ft-l] anybody home?

>Hi, I'm new to the list.  Is there anyone else on it?
>It seems rather quiet.
>I'm considering hiking the FT from Lake O to Pensacola
>this winter and have a million questions.  I could
>read the archives, but I'd rather interact.
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