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[ft-l] The Big 360 Hike - Update

I can understand them cutting the trees, many areas of our forests are being
cut now/have been cut to avoid spread of the southern pine beetle.  But why
are they they closing the trail?  Is this just during the time the logging
trucks are running in and out?  Or is it for some other reason?

> John,
> Kent Wimmer and Ken Smith both talked to the Office of Greenways and
> this week. The logging is due to the Southern Pine Beetle. Unfortunately,
> dates were forthcoming on how long they will keep the trails closed. Kent
> asked them to remove the official restriction regarding crossing the Land
> Bridge, since a lot of people stop out on 475A just to hike to the bridge.
> It's just a shame to see this area being torn up so soon after Ken
> established such a great new trail there.
> Cheers, Sandy