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[ft-l] Last request for Women's Survey Info

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>Do you use the sternum straps on your pack?    Yes, altho I've been known
to try and take the pack off without undoing them!

Do you feel it accommodates the female anatomy?  More or less, I use an
external frame and find that the bottom of the frame has a tendency to
"poke" at my backside.

What is your cup size?   Size B

What is your height?    5' 1"

What is your weight?   To Much!!!!!   150 lbs

Measurements? (Bust Waist Hips)   38, 33, 43

Inseam?   29"

Torso length?  Not sure how to measure this...neck to croch  28"

Boot/shoe size?   9 1/2

Pet gripe......too many manufacturers don't make serious outdoor clothes
for women.  I love the supplex pants that Sportif makes, but their sizing
is crazy.  Their large is almost too small for me!  Now I know I'm not
Twiggy....but really, I'm not THAT heavy.   I take a size 14 in all my
other pants....do they think that only skinny women hike????

In Sunny So FLA