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[ft-l] DIY: Alcohol stove

These are the instructions for the alcohol stove
that we made. My younger brother created it after
some experimentation and by looking up all the
designs on the net. Most of the designs I have
found on the net are unneccessarily complex.

1. Cut off the lower portions (1 inch) of 2 soda cans.
2. 1st portion: Take a thumb-tack and make 12 holes
   around the circumference. Make a hole in the
   middle such that a screw will fit in. The hole in 
   the middle is a bit large and its basic purpose
   is to enable us to pour fuel into it.

   Make two slits (so that it can slide into the 2nd 

4. Push the 1st portion into the second portion.

5. To light it up
   - Remove the screw in the middle
   - Pour alcohol into it. Experiment with the amount.
   - Put the screw back on.
   - Tilt the stove, so that some alcohol spills out.
   - Light it up, Takes about 15 seconds to get
     a flame going.
   - Its ready to boil water, cook etc.

6. Need some improvisation for a stand. Take some
   Aluminum foil to use as a wind shield etc.

7. Fuel is denatured alcohol, found in hardware
   stores. My understanding is that the HEET
   product (automotive) can be used.

8. Cut the soda can using a pair of sissors.

Surprisingly, even such a simple stove is very very
effective. When I started the hike, I was thinking
that we might just have to eat unheated/uncooked
food (because I had never used such a stove before
and frankly when I looked at it, it did not impress
me at all), but after the hike I am a believer ...

The advantages are

1. Very light
2. Easy to maintain and build another.


--- John F Wakefield <wakefij@juno.com> wrote:
> Hi Senthil,
> Thank you for the report.  I (and perhaps a few
> others) would liike to
> know: how to find out about a DIY Alcohol stove? Is
> there a web site
> showing a picture?
> John Wakefield
> Clay county

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