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[ft-l] Hike for Hope 2001

Hiking Friends,

There's a group of ten kids (aged 18-28), four gals and six guys which is 
hiking the East Coast, beginning on 1 Jan. They'll be doing the increasingly 
poplar trek which begins at Key West, goes over roads, the FT, AL/GA Pinhooti 
Trls., Benton MacKaye, AT and IAT to Cap Gaspe, Can.  They'll be doing this 
for pledge money for Oxfam America, an organization dedicated to assisting 
impoverished people around the world using environmentally sustainable means. 
 You can read all about it at:   www.hikeforhope2001.org

Now, I don't know about you but I'm envious of this group and hope to offer 
them some good old FTA hospitality along the way.  I'm simply going to stand 
up at my FTA chapter meeting in Jan. and tell the folks about the group and 
see who wants to join me once or twice as the group passes through our area.  
I'm sure we can burn some burgers and drop the occasional hot dog off the 
grill, each to be savored as only a thru-hiker can.

If you are an FTA'er, this represents an excellent chance to gain some 
publicity, not just for the group and their cause, but also for your chapter. 
 What local paper could resist meeting this highly photogenic group, where 
else, but on the FT?  

Now, the group will be hiking with a digital camera and technology to keep 
the -Net posted on their progress.  All you have to do is follow them and 
contact 'em as appropriate to lay on some simple feed.  If you're of the 
gutsy persuasion, it ought to be simple to talk some business along the way 
to feed the group; I know I'm going to approach the McDonald's in Winter 
Springs (just of the FT on Hwy 434) about a spread.

What you do with this information will be up to your enthusiasm, compassion 
and imagination.  I suggest you keep this low-key; I don't see the need to 
involve FTA HQs, however, it's a free country, and trail.

Anyone in Cent. FL who wants to pitch in feel free to call me (407) 365-6036 
or  jonaphipps@aol.com

Yours and Happy Trails, Jon P  
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